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Kitchen Equipments

Juice counter
Parcel counter
Tea Stall
Bain Marie Counter
Service Counter
Parcel & Service Counter
Freezer & Sweet Stall
Single Deck Oven
Double Deck Oven
Three Deck Oven
Pantry Counter
Food Warmer
Table top Bain Marie
Buffet Counter
Dosa Work Table
Kneading Table
Idly Work & Sink
Half Round Hand Wash
III One Sink
Vegetable Rack
Tandoori Pot
SS Tandoori Pot
Dosa / Hot Plate & Duct
Fire Wood Dosa Range
III Burner Indian & Duct
III Burner Chinese
II Burner & Sink & Duct
II Burner Range
Appam IV Burner Range
Single Burner
Dosa Burner with Work
Single Burner Range
Three Burner Range
III Holes Hot Case
Bain Marie Round
Bain Marie Counter
Rumali Kadai
Carrier & Vessel
Coconut Scraper Machine
Kneading Machine
Potato Peeler
Veg Cutting Machine
Dough Kneader
Popcorn Machine
Grill Chicken Machine
Round Chulha
Square Chulha
Live Chulha
Pizza Oven
Sandwich Griller
Dosa Counter
Idly & Dhokla Steamer
Counter Tawa
S.S. Casserole - A
S.S Catering Tandoor
S.S. Gas Tandoor
Sink with Plate Rack
Plate Rack
Dosa Range
S.S. Chairs
Canteen Dining
IV Tier Rack
Work Table
Water Tray Trolley
Cleaning Trolley
Tea Trolley
Heavy Duty Trolley
Juicer Despenser
Three Tube Trolley
Dining Table
Mahal Canteen Dining Table
Pot Rack
Vessel Trolley
T/M/B Service Table
Regular Chafer
Super Chafer
Deluxe Chafer
Royal Chafer
Pagoda Chafer
New Appu Chafer
New Punjabi Chafer
Gujarati Handi
Mayuri Handi
Trunk Handi
Elephant Handi
Choki Handi
Rectangle Regular
Rectangle Deluxe
Rectangle Partition
Rectangle Crystal Chafer
Rectangle A Chafer
Rectangle O Hut Chafer
Round Roll Top Chafer
Round Pipe Leg Roll Top
Round Brass Leg Roll Top
D.Round D.Partition
Rectangle Roll Tap
Rectangle Pipe Leg Roll Top
Rectangle Brass Leg Roll Top
Rectangle Partition
Chutney Stand
Snack Warmer
Rectangle Dome Chafer
Deep Chomukha
Handle Bassin
Vinod Bowl
Waste Bucket / Party Tub
Rice Strainer
S.S. Casserole – B
Masala Box
Chinese Trays
Joint Bucket
One Piece
Food Warmer Bainmarie
Wash Bassin
S.S. Tawa Round
S.S. Tawa Square
S.S. Jalebi Kadai
S.S. Kadai
S.S. Fry Pan
S.S. Sauce Pan
S.S. Heavy Top
S.S. Storage Box
Regular Tea Jar
B. Bamboo
Dinner Plates
Snack Plates
Pav Bhaji Plates
Rectangle Bhojan Patra-Balaji
Rectangle Bhojan Patra-Tirupati
Round Bhojan Patra
Bidding Plates Fancy
Bidding Plates Rainbow Touch
Oval serving Trays
Rectangle Serving Trays
Regular Parat
Thali sets - A
Thali Sets - B
Thali sets - C
Thali Sets - D
Thali sets - E
Thali Sets - F
Oval platter
Oval Graten
Unique Curry Dish
Round Curry Dish
Oval Curry Dish
Deluxe Curry Dish
Butter Dish
Mukhwas & Pickle Stand - A
Mukhwas & Pickle Stand - B
Mukhwas & Pickle Stand - C
Mukhwas & Pickle Stand – D
Chocolate Fountain
Tea & Cofee Dispenser
Milk Dispenser
Tea & Coffee Pot
Ice-Cream Dispenser
Anti Skid Tray -A
Anti Skid Tray -B
Chopping Board
Display Spoon
Wooden Handle Spoons
Dinner Spoons
S.S. Handle Spoons
Jumbo Tiffin
Gastronorm Pan
Juice Dispenser
Cereal Dispenser
Soap Dispenser
Hammered Copper Products
Hammered S.S. Products
Copper Bottom Products
Matt Tableware
Planter Bins
Chip Dip
Bar-Be-Que -A
Bar-Be-Que –B
Perforated Bins
Paddle Bins
Ash Bins
Push Bins
Swing Bins
D/W Soup Bowl
Finger Bowls
Toothpick Holder
Straw Holder
Flower Bud Vase
Ice Buckets
D/W Wine Cooler
D/W Champagne Bucket & Stand
Bottle Stand
Bar Trays
Ash Trays
Cocktail Shaker
Peg Measures
Name Plates & Menu Stands
Sizzler Plates
Gravy Boat
Spoon Rest
Ice Cream Scoop
Cutlery Holders
Ice Cream Cups
Hammered Platters
Fruti / Roti / Bread Basket
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Napkin Holders
Regular Soup Station
Triangle Soup Station
Twin Soup Station
Hydraulic Soup Station
Elctric Soup Station